In Committee Work, you will be working collaboratively with your fellow committee members in order to prepare for General Assembly. Committee Work is facilitated by your Chairperson, and has the goal of creating a resolution which expresses the combined opinion of your whole committee on your given topic.


What this means for you at Nationals is writing a resolution which will then be debated in General Assembly. In Committee Work, your Chairperson will lead brainstorming, knowledge sharing and discussion sessions on the issues surrounding your topic, and encourage you to come up with possible solutions. Once agreed, these will be drafted into a resolution format and phrased to ensure that the points you are making will be understood by all participants.


Although this may sound difficult, Committee Work often turns out to be delegates’ favourite part of a session, as you have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with others and create a whole resolution from scratch as one team with a shared goal.


Committee Work is excellent preparation for future sessions, and if you attend an International Session or International Forum, you will again create a resolution to defend in General Assembly, working with individuals from across EYP’s 41 associations and organisations. As well as this, Committee Work teaches you to listen to everyone’s opinions and respecting others' views. It is important to let others speak during Committee Work discussions, whilst also feeling empowered to offer your own contributions and voice your opinions.


Don’t worry too much about what you say, as the main thing is that you actively participate and contribute to the discussions in a constructive and encouraging manner. The focus is not on who had the original idea, but how it is discussed and formulated by the group. Committee Work is rewarding and enjoyable, and you should make the most of being surrounded by others who are keen to hear your opinion and are accepting of what you have to say!

By the end of this part of the session, you will have had fun teambuilding with your fellow 'EYPers' both within and outwith your committees, you will have analysed and discussed your topic and written a watertight resolution, and you will be ready to defend your hard work as a committee in the final phase - General Assembly!

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