One Week to Go - EYPUK Needs Your Vote!

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Edit: This event is no longer going ahead. You can read the full statement on the EYPUK Facebook page.

We come to you today with a plea for your support of our 2019 Glasgow International Forum. It will only take a minute (maybe two if you include reading this blurb...), and we would really appreciate it. On with the elevator pitch!

I'm going to need some context... We're currently fundraising for the EYPUK Glasgow International Forum - this will be the UK's first ever international forum, and is being held in bonnie Glasgow next summer.

With one week of voting to go, we're really excited to share the news that the forum has reached the voting stage of the Aviva Community Fund contest this year, which means we now have the chance to secure up to £10,000 for the eight-day event, and would very much appreciate your support. Voting closes at midday on the 20th November, so now is the time to vote!

Why do you need my help? £10,000 can go a long way, and with an event of this scale it can be the difference between really good and absolutely incredible. The money would be invaluable for the running of the event - it would help secure better venues for participants and would work to guarantee the event's overall success through allowing for aspects such as a panel debate with real stakeholders. We'd love to share all our plans, but don't want to give away too many spoilers just yet!

This is a hugely exciting time for our organisation and all our members, and is a fantastic chance to get lots of young people involved with EYP and all the wonderful opportunities it offers. We have ambitious goals for this event, as it’s one we want to make as memorable as possible for all involved.

Sounds great - I'm in! How do I vote? Click here to read more about Glasgow 2019 and cast your vote. Voting is really easy: 1. Make an account on the Aviva website at the link above - this takes a couple of minutes at most. 2. Log into your shiny new account, and you'll have 10 votes to cast across whichever projects you like. 3. Feeling generous? Allocate all 10 of your votes to the Glasgow International Forum, and you're done!

Remember, voting closes midday 20th November so you have one week left - now is the perfect time to pledge your support!

If we are to stand a good chance of getting this funding, we need the whole EYPUK community to get involved. Calls for officials will come out nearer the time, so just think - this funding could directly benefit you! It would make a huge difference to the session, so please lend your support and we will be eternally grateful.

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