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EYPUK Executive Committee Elections 2021/2022

Updated: Jul 29, 2021


Many thanks to all of those who took the time to submit their manifestos for the upcoming Executive Committee Elections. The candidates for the elections are as follows:

The hustings period for the elections will begin shortly, where members of EYPUK will have the opportunity to ask questions to our candidates about their proposals and ideas for the upcoming year. This will then be followed by a voting period.

We wish all the candidates the best of luck!


Dear EYPUK Members,

The call for manifestos for this year’s EYPUK Executive Committee elections is now open! Despite an incredibly strange and difficult year, EYPUK has put on a fantastic set of digital Regional Forums and we have our National Session coming up in just a few weeks’ time. Now is your opportunity to join the Committee and contribute to one of the most unique organisations in the UK and Europe.

The Executive Committee (often just called the Exec) is elected by members of EYPUK to represent them and ensure that our events and projects run smoothly and involve as many members as possible. They are led by the President, and have close contact with their respective advisors on the Board of Trustees. Holding a position on the Exec is a great opportunity to be involved in EYPUK, as well as being a very enjoyable and fulfilling year!

The month of July will be dedicated to the submission of manifestos, the hustings period and voting. August will be a month of transition between the current National Committee and the incoming one, where the new Exec members will be guided through the intricacies of their role. The official handover will take place at the AGM in early September.

New for 2021-22, most Exec positions will have a department of individuals that they will lead (similar to how the Regional Coordinators currently lead Regional HOs). You will find out more about this after the election, but the main point is that even if you are not elected to the Exec, there will be plenty of opportunities to still be involved with the NC.

The Exec for the year 2021-22 will include the following individuals:

The role descriptions provide a detailed account of what each role entails, but please feel free to contact anyone from the committee should you have questions regarding a particular role or what being on the Exec entails. They will be more than happy to help you with any queries, and will no doubt be delighted to see you are interested.

Manifestos for the election should be submitted by July 21st at 9pm BST. The candidates will then be announced and their manifestos published. Manifestos submitted after this time will not be considered unless the deadline is explicitly extended. The deadline for individual positions may be extended at the President’s discretion if there aren’t enough manifestos for a competitive election. To submit a manifesto, please email it to , preferably in PDF format. To ensure that each candidate is directly comparable to their fellow candidates, please use the standardised manifesto template found here. Please download the document before editing and don’t change the formatting as we will simply ask you to change it back.

Following the announcement of candidates and manifestos, a campaigning period will begin, whereby all alumni will be given an opportunity to ask questions to the candidates. There will then be a voting period whereby all members of EYPUK will elect the 2021-22 Executive Committee.

Following the new membership criteria adopted in May of this year, an individual falls within EYPUK’s electorate if:

  • They have attended an EYPUK multi-day session as a delegate or an official within the last 3 years or;

  • They have become a member within the last 2 years by submitting a successful application and paying the small one-off joining fee.


Good luck!

Mark Alvares

EYPUK Executive Committee President 2020-21

Photo: EYPUK Autumn National Session, 2019

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