There are many elements to a session that are very important, none more so than Teambuilding. This is the first part of the session you will encounter, and is important in establishing a group dynamic and creating an environment for positive and productive discussion.

Through games, problem-solving, brain teasers, 'repeat after me' songs and a whole lot more besides, Teambuilding gets everyone involved. Some commonly used Teambuilding games include streetfighter, the human knot, ninja, the bear hunt song and many more, which you will become familiar with at your National Session.

Teambuilding gives delegates the opportunity to meet a whole host of new people with whom, through the many different styles of games and activities, they can grow to feel comfortable talking to and debating with. Delegates are grouped into committees, each of which will have a member from each different delegation, promoting communication and inter-delegation discussion by encouraging delegates to push their comfort zones to a level they feel comfortable with.


Each game or activity has a different aim. There are name games, getting to know you games, energisers, trust-builders, problem-solvers, and more. These activities illustrate to delegates the need to cooperate as a team, and demonstrate how to achieve a goal even under challenging circumstances. Though the games and activities are fun and exciting, they each add to a delegate's overall experience and ability to work effectively in a team.


This is greatly beneficial in both Committee Work and General Assembly as, to successfully discuss and debate, delegates must be able to communicate ideas effectively and give constructive feedback. Working with people from different delegations during Teambuilding offers a fresh perspective on team dynamics, ensuring that delegates are aware of maintaining equilibrium and a clear perspective when debating with their own delegation.

Teambuilding may feel silly at times, but the progress a delegate makes by testing the borders of their comfort zone through acting the fool means they will feel more comfortable opposing views and voicing their opinions in General Assembly. Teambuilding gives delegates the confidence to be themselves, improving their cooperation and making new friendships with the reassurance that everyone is in the same situation.

Once the fun and games of Teambuilding reaches its conclusion, the next element of the National Session sees committees getting down to business – time for Committee Work!

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