Opportunities for Youth

Our Mission

The European Youth Parliament United Kingdom (EYPUK) is a leading apolitical and youth-led educational charity. It aims to provide non-formal education for young people on a wide range of political issues facing the UK and Europe. It is the UK's National Committee (or NC) of the umbrella European Youth Parliament (EYP) organisation.


We interact with young people aged 11-25 from all backgrounds across the UK, building new skills, confidence and friendships.

What We Do


We run forums and conferences at regional and national levels across the UK every year, open to all students between the ages of 11 to 18. 


We recycle the academic output of our events into resources for their free use by schools and individuals, making sure that everyone can take part in EYPUK.


Skills Development

We provide young people across our network with diverse opportunities for skills development, from communication skills to independent learning.


International Network

We support a network of eager youth volunteers from across the UK and Europe, equipped with the skills needed to shape the world around them.


and all over Europe.

The European Youth Parliament, based in Berlin, calls its forty National Committees (NC) each year to attend three International Sessions, each lasting around ten days. The delegation of each NC is divided into different topic committees, made up of your peers from across Europe.

Those resolutions passed in a General Assembly of young people from all over the continent are then sent on to the European Parliament.

across Britain,

Once selected from a regional, you will be invited to join many others flocking to experience the unique nature of an EYP National Session. Four days of dreaming big, debating, proposing, making friendships for a lifetime, and above all, having a great time. 

The best school teams from each National Session are selected to represent the United Kingdom at International Sessions and Forums, held across the entire EYP network.

In your region,

The start for most EYPers is their local Regional Session, where they take part in a team from their school. School delegations of up to 8 students gather in 14 different regions of the UK to debate and discuss a variety of relevant topics, from Britain's relationship with Europe to securing the future of our planet.

The best school teams from each region are selected to take part in a National Session of EYPUK.

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Potential for personal development

" I have entered school teams for the EYP for 15 years, and it remains the best organisation by far for students in terms of potential for individual growth and development. We have had students' lives changed by participation in the regional and then national events. I cannot praise it enough"

School teacher

Feedback from the EYPUK North East Regional Forum 2020

Join Us


The European Youth Parliament is one of the largest European platforms for political debate, intercultural encounters, European civic education and the exchange of ideas for young people in Europe. Since its founding in 1987, hundreds of thousands of young people have taken part in national, regional and international EYP sessions, built friendships across borders and learnt useful skills. Find out more about joining us here!

EYPUK by numbers

EYPUK runs more than 20 events for young people across the UK every year, and members support many more across Europe

We've directly involved more than 5000 young people in our work since 2015, and recently many more through digital events

EYPUK was founded in November 1993, one year after the 9th International Session of the EYP was held in Oxford

Our organisation is run entirely by young people aged 17-25, from the members organising our events through to the charity trustees