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Educational resources

Each year, we recycle our materials from our forums and conferences into educational resources to be used by individuals and schools for the basis of educational activity and research. They can be categorised into three different types of materials - research booklets, policy papers, and stakeholder explanations.


Also known as topic overviews, these resources are produced by our volunteers for our events. They provide an accessible and comprehensive introduction to a topical issue from a European perspective.


Also known as resolutions, these resources are produced by participants at our National Sessions, as well as volunteers for our Regional Forums. They are written to recognise and solve the issues posed by a particular topic, and are based on the format used by the European Parliament.


These resources provide information on European and international institutions and stakeholders, as well as their competences and interests.

How to use our resources

Our educational materials and resources have been organised thematically, covering policy areas from public health to foreign affairs. Together, topic overviews and resolution booklets provide a comprehensive insight into a variety of social, economic and environmental issues facing Europe today, and how young people in the UK think Europeans should attempt to solve them


For schools, these can provide a great basis for debate, research or activity in the classroom, or for use in a debate club. 


They are also excellent materials as the basis of any individual study or research. The topic overviews in particular provide a good starting point for learning more about an issue, and what is being done on a European level in order to tackle it.


EYPUK offers a huge thank you to all the officials over the last five years who participated in our events and who helped to produce these materials.

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