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EYP Picture of the Year 2019 - Ali Okumu

Statement on UK withdrawal from the EU

The European Youth Parliament UK (EYPUK) has existed for 30 years. We have engaged and empowered thousands of young people from all corners of the United Kingdom to develop a deeper understanding between European nations through education, collaboration and respect.


EYPUK is an apolitical charity and, though the UK’s departure from the European Union represents a challenge for us, our existence is not dependent on the UK’s membership. We are part of a wider network of 40 countries in Europe. In the years to come, we will continue our work as a leading youth empowerment charity and endeavour tirelessly to engage and educate young people on European and EU issues.


The opportunities for broadening one’s horizons and self-development that we offer are still very much available and the end of EU membership does not mean that the young people of the UK are in any less of a position to contribute to political debate. Our work to promote cultural enrichment, active citizenship and political engagement is as relevant now as it always has been. We are excited for the years to come as we embark on new projects and continue to grow in size and impact.

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