Intercultural exchanges


Our forums and conferences give participants the opportunity to learn about and discuss a range of contemporary and important social, economic and environmental issues facing Europe today, as well as to develop academic and personal skills. Unlike other styles or forms of debating or political discussion, debate at EYPUK events is centered around the need for participants to be constructive, explore different perspectives, work with others, find solutions and build consensus in order to achieve progress.

Every year, EYPUK organises a variety of different events and conferences right across the UK. They can be categorised into three different types.

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Regional Forums are an exciting first step in becoming involved with EYPUK and the wider activities of the EYP. By participating in a Regional Forum, students develop skills in debating and public speaking, as well as further their understanding of key issues in British, European and global politics.

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A National Session brings together around 120 participants from across the UK, all of whom have been selected for participation following their Regional Forum. They select participants to represent the United Kingdom at International events of the EYP, and welcome new Alumni to the EYPUK Alumni Association.

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EurVoice is a unique and award-winning community outreach scheme designed to engage 11-18 year olds from across the United Kingdom. At the heart of EurVoice is a commitment to social inclusion, equal opportunities and the empowerment of young people from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds.

Digital events

At a time when young people's lives are severely disrupted, EYPUK remains more committed than ever to working towards its aims as an educational charity. Our members have been working extremely hard since the start of 2020 to adapt our work to new formats in the form of online conferences, webinars and training events. This has enabled participants to engage with our work in safe and secure environments and to digitally meet and work with new people from across the UK and Europe. We hope to ensure the continued development of their key personal and academic skills.


To read about our digital events, click here. To read the EYPUK COVID-19 policy,  click here.