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Executive Committee Elections

The Executive Committee Elections give members the opportunity to be voted into a role on the Executive by other active members of EYPUK. This election consists of the submission of manifestos, a two week hustings period and a fair voting process, which all takes place in July of each year.

Dear Members,


It is my pleasure to announce the call for manifestos for the EYPUK Executive Committee 2022/23! Once again, this year has been truly remarkable for our charity, marked by numerous developments including the introduction of the new Extended Newcastle Regional 2023 and the successful relaunch of the Members Training Weekend. With that being said, being a part of the Executive Committee (Exec) is a fantastic way of building on these successes and further fostering the growth of the charity!


The Executive Committee (Exec), with the guidance of the trustees, is responsible for organising events whilst ensuring that they are of the highest standards and operate smoothly. Led by the President, the Exec comprises elected members who receive additional guidance from their respective trustees. While holding a position on the Exec, your primary focus would be on your designated department. However, you would also have the privilege of being part of an extraordinary group of individuals responsible for coordinating numerous academic events, such as regional fora, as well as organising many social gatherings!

The election process for this year will begin with the call for manifestos opening on Monday, 10th July 2023.


The deadline for submitting manifestos is midday on the 17th July by 11.59. Please use the standardised manifesto template but ensure you make a copy of the template for your manifesto. To submit the manifesto, please email them to in PDF form before the deadline. The manifestos will be submitted by the beginning of next week, initiating the Hustings period. This will last 5 days during which any members will be able to ask candidates about their manifestos and experiences which make them suitable for the role. Following hustings, voting for the new EYPUK Exec will begin and will also last 2 days. Election results will be announced shortly after with the elected Exec members participating in individual handovers with the respective outgoing members.  

We are looking for enthusiastic members to fill in the following roles: 

The manifesto template can be found here


The attached role descriptions provide a detailed overview of what each role entails but in case you have any further questions, please reach out to the respective Exec member or trustee! 


Lastly, candidates for the upcoming elections must be:

  • A Current, pre-existing voting member of EYPUK

  • OR an alumni who has reactivated their membership 

For further information concerning the election policy, please click here

It has been an incredibly thrilling and rewarding two years on the Exec, and I cannot wait to see the next Executive Committee of EYPUK and the terrific work that they get up to! 

Best of luck,


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