As a branch of the wider European Youth Parliament, the European Youth Parliament United Kingdom (EYPUK) is a politically unbound charity organisation, open to young people aged 14-24. EYPUK works across the country, operating a wide range of events and forums for young people. We take privacy very seriously at EYPUK; click here to find out more.

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*UPDATE: The deadline for submission of election manifestos has now passed. Thanks to everyone who made the brave decision to put themselves forward. Submitted manifestos can be viewed below:

For the role of President

For the role of Alumni Development Officer

For the role of Regional Forum Coordinator (2 positions)

For the role of EurVoice Coordinator

For the role of Communications Coordinator (2 positions)

For the role of Fundraising Officer


Please click on candidates' names to view their manifestos, and on the position title to view the description of the role. There will be a hustings period where candidates can be asked questions regarding the content of their respective manifestos, and the vision they have for their role. This period will run from the 26th of July until the 6th of August, and will take place in the EYPUK Hustings group on Facebook for members of EYPUK eligible to vote (having attended an EYPUK session in any capacity during the previous two years). There will then be a voting period from the 7th to the 9th of August. If you should be part of this group and you aren't already, please contact Matthew.Caine@eypuk.co.uk. Best of luck to all those running in the elections, and we hope it's a happy hustings!


Dear EYPUK Alumni,


We are delighted to open the call for manifestos for this year’s Alumni Association Executive elections! This year has been another terrific one for EYPUK. We’ve seen numerous alumni serve as standard-bearers for EYPUK abroad as officials, keeping the reputation of the National Committee high across the continent, from Latvia to Leuven.


On the national level, we’ve had another fantastic set of regional events, Summer Nationals has set a high standard for Autumn Nationals to match, and EurVoice has gone from strength to strength. We’re now looking for the next group of motivated characters to lead EYPUK into the upcoming year.


With that in mind, the elections will take place a couple of months prior to the end of the current AA Executive’s term (8th September, just after the close of Autumn Nationals). This is to facilitate a smooth handover period where previous exec members guide new exec members through the intricacies of each role.


The AA Executive is elected by the wider Alumni Body to represent them and ensure that EYPUK’s events and projects run smoothly and involve as many alumni as possible. They are lead by the President, and have close contact with their respective advisors on the Board of Trustees too. Holding a position on the EYPUK AA Executive is a great opportunity to be involved in EYPUK, as well as being a very enjoyable and fulfilling year!


There are currently eight positions available:

  • President (1 position)

  • Alumni Development Officer (1 position)

  • Regional Forum Coordinators (2 positions)

  • EurVoice Coordinator (1 position)

  • Communications Coordinator (2 positions)

  • Fundraising Officer (1 position)


Have a look at the role descriptions to see what each role entails, and don’t be afraid to message any of the relevant figures for each role with questions. They will be more than happy to help you with any queries, and will be delighted to see you are interested.


If each candidate who would like to run for a position on the AA Exec could please submit a manifesto by 18th July 23:59 BST, then the candidates will be announced after this and each manifesto published. Any manifesto submitted after this time will not be considered unless the deadline is explicitly extended. The deadline for individual positions may be extended at the President’s discretion if there aren’t enough applications for a competitive election. Your manifesto should be emailed in PDF format to matthew.caine@eypuk.co.uk.


Continuing on from last year, we will be using a standardised manifesto template. This is to ensure that each candidate is directly comparable to their fellow candidates. This made the process of putting together a manifesto more straightforward, so it only seems reasonable to keep the initiative going. The template can be found here. Please don’t change the formatting as we will simply ask you to change it back.


After the deadline for manifesto submission has passed, each manifesto will be published on the EYPUK website. A campaigning period will then begin, whereby all alumni will be given an opportunity to ask questions to the candidates. Following this, there will be a voting period during which all EYPUK alumni who have attended a Nationals event in any capacity over the previous two years (the qualifier for eligibility to vote) will decide the 2019/2020 Alumni Association Executive. 


Being a member of the Exec over the past two years has been a terrific experience for me, giving me an unparalleled opportunity for self-improvement and skills development. Anybody who thinks that they have something to bring should apply, no matter their previous experience within EYP; if you have a passion for the work of the organisation then you should 100% put yourself forward. I’m excited to see what everybody has to offer in their manifestos, and moreover to see the shape of the 2019/2020 exec develop over the course of the next month or so.


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop any member of the EYPUK board a message.


Good luck!


Matthew Caine

EYPUK Alumni Executive President 2018-19