Policy papers

Also known as resolutions, these resources are produced by participants at our National Sessions, as well as volunteers for our Regional Forums. They are written to recognise and solve the issues posed by a particular topic, and are based on the format used by the European Parliament. They have been organised thematically, covering policy areas from public health to foreign affairs, and divided into resources from National Sessions and those from Regional Forums.


The National Session resolutions were produced by participants at previous National Sessions, based on the format used by the European Parliament. They are structured both to recognise the realities of a topical issue and how it affects European citizens, and to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to the problems that it poses. 


The Regional Forum resolutions were produced by EYPUK volunteers for the purpose of debate and discussion at our Regional Forums. They are written for participants of all abilities and interests, providing a comprehensive introduction to a variety of important contemporary issues.

National Session resolutions

Civil Liberties and Equalities

Data protection and privacy (2017) Free movement, discrimination and ethnic profiling (2017) Protecting the rights of ethnic minorities (2017) Workers' rights in the fashion industry (2019) Female entrepreneurship (2017) Female genital mutilation (2019) Freedom of assembly and the right to protest (2020) Gender employment gap (2018) Gender equality (2016) Gender equality abroad (2018) Gender-based violence (2015) Linguistic rights (2019) Marginalised communities and their living conditions (2020) Net neutrality (2019) Prison reform (2020) The rights of prisoners (2017) Transgender and non-binary parenthood (2020) Workers' rights in the sex industry (2019) Workers' rights in the sex industry (2020) Social integration and xenophobia (2018) Labour rights at home and abroad (2019)

Regional Forum resolutions



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