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Research papers

Also known as topic overviews, these resources are produced by our volunteers for our events. They provide an accessible and comprehensive introduction to a topical issue from a European perspective. They have been organised thematically, covering policy areas from public health to foreign affairs.

  • Civil Liberties and Equalities
    Data protection and privacy (2017) Free movement, discrimination and ethnic profiling (2017) Protecting the rights of ethnic minorities (2017) Workers' rights in the fashion industry (2019) Female entrepreneurship (2017) Female genital mutilation (2019) Freedom of assembly and the right to protest (2020) Gender employment gap (2018) Gender equality (2016) Gender equality abroad (2018) Gender-based violence (2015) Linguistic rights (2019) Marginalised communities and their living conditions (2020) Net neutrality (2019) Prison reform (2020) The rights of prisoners (2017) Transgender and non-binary parenthood (2020) Workers' rights in the sex industry (2019) Workers' rights in the sex industry (2020) Social integration and xenophobia (2018) Labour rights at home and abroad (2019)
  • Culture and Education
    Doping and substances (2016) Youth education and training (2016) Disinformation and false narratives (2018) The repatriation of colonial artefacts (2020)
  • Employment and Social Affairs
    Artificial intelligence (2018) Changing approahces to childcare (2017) Entrepreneurship in Europe (2016) Fostering creative industries (2021) Meaningful employment (2021) Online discrimination (2021) Poverty in Europe (2019) Refugees' access to education and work (2017) Smart technology and accessibility (2021)
  • Environmental Affairs
    The circular economy (2015) The circular economy (2016) Climate change and the Paris agreement (2015) Climate change and the Paris agreement (2017) Climate resilience, adaptation and migration (2021) Driverless cars (2016) Household waste (2015) Marine pollution (2019) Microplastic pollution (2018) Natural resources and sustainable development (2018) Sustainable urban development (2016) Sustainable urban development (2017) Sustainable urban development (2020) Space debris (2018) Sustainable farming and agriculture (2019) Sustainable air travel and traffic (2016) Sustainable energy production (2015) Sustainable fishing (2015) Transition to Green Energy (2021)
  • Foreign Affairs
    The geopolitics of the Arctic (2018) EU relations with China (2020) EU relations with autocratic and authoritarian governments (2019) Fostering democracy overseas (2015)Famine and humanitarian aid (2017) EU relations with North Korea (2018) Eradicating poverty in developing countries (2015) EU relations with Russia (2015) EU relations with Russia (2018) Militarisation in space (2019) Sustainable globalisation (2016) EU-NATO counter terrorism (2021) Preventing cyberattacks (2021) Future of EU-UK relations (2022)
  • Legal and Constitutional Affairs
    Good governance and anti-corruption (2017) Artificial intelligence (2019) Blockchain (2018) Brexit (2017) EU Common Security and Defence Policy (2015) EU Common Security and Defence Policy (2016) European asylum policy (2015) E-democracy (2017) E-democracy (2019) Ethical hacking (2016) The expansion of the European Union (2019) European immigration policies (2016) Inclusive engagement on the European Green Deal (2021) Integration and a Europe 'à la carte' (2015) Euroscepticism (2017) Free movement and immigration in the EU (2015) Media pluralism (2019) Tolerance, harassment and diversity online (2019) Radicalisation (2018) The instrument of referendums (2017) Terrorism and EU security (2016) Terrorism and EU security (2017)
  • Monetary Affairs
    Cashless societies (2017) Cryptocurrencies and financial regulation (2015) The digital economy, labour rights and consumer protection (2015) Tax evasion (2016)
  • Public Health
    Long-term health care (2019) Antimicrobial resistance (2018) Disabilities, integration and discrimination (2018) Euthanasia (2018) ​​​​​​​Illicit drug consumption (2018) Inequality in health systems (2021) Isolation of the elderly (2019) Mental health and illness (2016)Mental illness amongst young people (2018) Mental health, stigma and treatment (2019) Nanoscience (2016) Reproductive health (2017)
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