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Regional Forums

Regional Forums are an exciting first step in becoming involved with EYPUK and the wider activities of EYP. By participating in a regional forum, you will develop skills in debating and public speaking, as well as furthering your understanding of key issues in British, European and global politics.

Historically, EYPUK has held up to 14  Regional Forums events throughout the UK every year. Each one day long, they have centred around General Assembly with tasters of teambuilding-style energisers interspersed throughout. Each committee is made up of one school delegation, and is assigned at least one resolution to defend or attack, with the opportunity to bid for more. We are now making the move towards Extended Regionals in some locations around the UK, including Newcastle and Liverpool. This introduces students to a more traditional EYP format, including team-building and committee deliberation.


The full list of Forums for 2023, their locations and dates is as follows (please note that these may be subject to change, and we will update all schools involved accordingly):

  • Northern Ireland, Belfast, February 21st 2023

  • East Anglia, Cambridge, February 23rd 2023

  • West Scotland, Glasgow, February 24th 2023

  • Midlands, Birmingham, March 1st 2023

  • South East 1, London, March 3rd 2023

  • East Scotland, Edinburgh, March 9th 2023

  • South East 2, London, March 10th 2023

  • South Wales, Cardiff, March 13th 2023

  • South Coast, Eastbourne, March 14th 2023

  • Thames Valley, Oxford, March 16th 2022

  • Yorkshire, Sheffield, March 17th 2022

  • South West, Gloucester March 23rd 2023

  • Manchester, March 27th 2023

  • North East Extended Regional, Newcastle, March 11th-12th

  • Liverpool Extended Regional - Liverpool, 2nd - 3rd March 2023



The aims of Regional Fora

By participating in an EYPUK Regional Forum, participants will gain new skills in debating and confident public speaking. Before the Forum, students will be invited to research and prepare material on their assigned topic, enhancing their academic and research skills. Students will receive education on key issues affecting the UK and Europe that they may otherwise not benefit from in the classroom. The resolutions are designed for students of all interests and abilities, and can cover topics that range from the issue of climate change, to the European refugee crisis. 


Regional Forums also serve as the first stage of competition within EYPUK events. At the Regional Forum, a jury panel consisting of EYP members will be present to select schools for participation in a National Session, based upon official EYPUK selection criteria, which are to be found in the resolution booklet students receive before the day. Feedback from these events also help us to understand what young people want to debate, and thereby inform upon the genre of topics that are consequently discussed at the National Session.

However, there are many ways to stay involved with EYPUK, even if you are not selected to continue to participate in a National Session. If you would like to explore your options for staying involved with the organisation then we would love to hear from you. Why not take a look at our membership form?

All EYPUK Regional Fora are organised by EYPUK members, and organising a Regional Forum is often the first foray new alumni take into being an official at EYP sessions. These individuals will have experience of participating in EYPUK sessions as delegates, and may have been to EYP Sessions abroad as well. ​ Other officials at the regional forum will either apply when the Call for Officials is released (typically a few months prior to the session taking place), or will be invited to contribute to the Forum itself.

If you are interested in participating in a Regional Forum, please do not hesitate to get in touch with

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