EYPUK Guidance on COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019)

Current Implications as of March 9th 2020


  • No indication to cancel or postpone EYPUK events

  • No indication for social distancing measures or travel restrictions within the UK

Guiding Principles


  • EYPUK is closely watching the situation concerning the global outbreak of COVID-19

  • The Departments of Health, Education the Chief Medical Officer and Public Health England may issue advice concerning COVID-19 that EYPUK and attending schools and students should follow

  • EYPUK is part of a European wide network and will adhere to any guidance issued by the International Office of the EYP

  • EYPUK is an organisation that operates in an educational setting, and normally adopts a “school rules” apply policy

  • The organisation will therefore follow all government advice for educational settings Government guidance for educational settings


The Department of Education and Public Health England last updated their advice for educational settings on 28th February, and the advice can be found via this link


It highlights that: 


  • Students should regularly wash hands with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser

  • Students or Staff who feel unwell should not attend an educational setting

  • There is no good evidence that people without symptoms are infectious

  • Individuals who have returned in the last 14 days from Category 1 areas (Hubei province in China, Iran, Daegu, Cheongdo and any region in Italy under containment measures only) should self-isolate for 14 days and not attend educational settings

  • There is no need to close schools or cancel events unless directed by Public Health England. It is unlikely that isolated cases or contact with COVID-19 in a school will require it to close

General Government Guidance (current as of 09.03.2020)

  • There is currently no official Government advice to restrict movements, avoid public places or travel less often within the United Kingdom

  • The Delay Phase of the UK Government Action Plan includes the possibility of advising the cancellation of large scale gatherings and closure of educational settings. Neither of these possible measures have been implemented to date


The International Office of EYP have issued guidance on 28th February 


  • National EYP Organisations should remind participants of the importance of basic hygiene measures and keeping hydrated and well nourished

  • Young people do not seem to be at high risk of developing complications unless they have underlying medical conditions

  • National EYP Organisations and their participants should stay up to date with COVID-19 using trusted sources only and should refrain from taking any measures that are not grounded in the advice of relevant public health authorities

  • Organisers of EYP events should ensure that actions or statements do not contribute to stigma or discrimination towards any particular group, in accordance with Article 3 of the International Health Regulations

Implications for EYPUK

  • If UK government advice is that a student or staff member should not attend school as a result of exposure to COVID-19 they should also refrain from attending EYPUK events

  • If a school receives official advice from government or local authorities that they should close as a result of a COVID-19 outbreak, they should not attend

  • EYPUK would comply with any government or local authority advice to cancel or postpone events

  • EYPUK will ensure all participants are reminded of the importance of regular handwashing, covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing and to promptly inform an organiser if they feel unwell

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