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Digital Events

Synthesise - 1st Digital Session of EYPUK


In September 2020, EYPUK held its very first major digital event. In place of our annual National Session, well over 80 participants took part in our 1st Digital Session, Synthesise. Young people from across the UK presented their views on a variety of topics, from the right to assembly during the COVID-19 pandemic to sustainable urban development, applying their skills to new formats and making new friends in the process.

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synthesise logo.png

Digital Members' Events 

With the decision that all of the events for 2020/21 year would be in an online format, the Member Development Team ran some fantastic digital webinars, workshops and social events throughout the year to ensure our members would not miss out. These ranged from a seminar on healthy workloads and time management, to a talk on the future of the UK-EU relationship, in addition to a Christmas social! Many thanks to our guest speakers who took part. 

Digital Regional Forums 2021

February and March saw our Digital Regional Forum programme for 2021 take place, consisting of nine digital conferences over the course of six weekends. Over 500 young people from well over 100 schools from across the UK and more than 100 officials from across Europe came together to virtually meet and debate topics ranging from how to ensure fair and equal global access to a COVID-19 vaccine, to protecting and promoting minority languages within the EU.

Advance 2021: National Session of 


In August 2021, EYPUK held its annual flagship event for delegates selected at their Regional Forums. Advance 2021 brought together over 120 young people to discuss the theme: "Advance: Towards a More Sustainable Europe", and to tackle issues of environmental, social and governmental sustainability. 

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