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National Sessions

A National Session brings together around 120 participants from across the UK, all of whom have been selected for participation following their Regional Forum. At a National Session, participants are tasked to write and debate resolutions based on the format of those used by the European Parliament, to a wide range of political, social and economic issues facing Europe. It sees students working closely and constructively with others from all over the UK. 


A National Session is a four day residential conference which takes place twice a year; once in June, and once in September. It consists of 4 elements, which make up the duration of the event. To find out more about what makes up a multi-day EYPUK event, read below. 



Teambuilding is an important element in 

establishing an 

environment for positive and productive discussion for the duration of the Session.  Teambuilding gives participants the chance to get to know and work with others in their committees.


Committee Work

In their committees, participants discuss and debate their chosen topics. They firstly explore how the topic affects them as young Europeans, before writing a resolution designed to solve the issues posed by the topic.


General Assembly

During General Assembly, committees are able to come together and share their resolutions. Participants are able to make speeches in favour and in opposition of resolutions, and to contribute to open debate which is steered by the board.


Cultural Programme

A cultural programme provides a flavour of European culture, and social activities for all participants, including a 'Eurovillage' and 'Euroconcert'.

The aims of a National Session

An EYPUK National Session is built around facilitating the development of participants’ academic and personal skills. It develops their awareness of European issues and fosters an education of EU processes and institutions through its topics and themes, whilst facilitating critical thinking. By working closely with new people from a range of backgrounds from across the UK, it gives participants the opportunity to develop cultural awareness and their ability to listen to and work with different perspectives and opinions. It also fosters the development of important personal skills such as public speaking, teamwork and confidence.


​A National Session serves as the second stage of competition within EYPUK events. At a National Session, a jury panel consisting of EYP members will be present to select schools and individual students for participation in upcoming international events of the EYP, based upon official EYPUK selection criteria. EYPUK National Sessions also welcome new members to EYPUK.​

EYPUK National Sessions are organised often by a pair of EYPUK members, who will benefit from the fantastic opportunity to develop a wide range of project management skills. These members will have experience of participating in EYPUK Sessions as delegates, and may have been to EYP Sessions abroad as well. ​ They in turn will be supported by a wider officials team from across the UK and Europe, who will either apply when the Call for Officials is released (typically a few months prior to the session taking place) or be invited to contribute to the Session.

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