You can claim expenses from EYPUK by completing the online form below and ensuring that you follow it up by emailing an electronic copy of your ticket or receipt to info@eypuk.co.uk, including your full name in the email. Without valid proof of payment, your expense claim will not be considered.

Please note, the EYPUK travel expenses policy is as follows:

  • All train tickets should be, where possible, booked in advance and using a 16-25 railcard to secure the cheapest fare.

  • All international travel must be approved by the Treasurer or another trustee in advance of booking.

  • The maximum amount which will be reimbursed in relation to Regional Forum travel is £20.

The EYPUK website is currently undergoing some changes. As a result, certain pages may not work as intended. If you have any urgent queries, please contact info@eypuk.co.uk


As a branch of the wider European Youth Parliament, the European Youth Parliament United Kingdom (EYPUK) is a politically unbound charity organisation, open to young people aged 14-24. EYPUK works across the country, operating a wide range of events and forums for young people. We take privacy very seriously at EYPUK; click here to find out more.

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