EYPUK is ran by two bodies; the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees. Together, these two bodies are jointly responsible for the daily running of the organisation.

 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (also known as the Exec) is elected by members to fulfil an elected term of one year on the National Committee of EYPUK. They are the direct liaison to the wider member community and help run regional fora, plan EurVoice events, coordinate our communications, and facilitate and prepare social events. They work closely and on a daily basis with the Board of Trustees and their respective advisors. The President of the Executive Committee leads the other members and reports to the Board of Trustees during committee meetings.

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Meera Kaiser


Hey, my name is Meera Kaiser, and I’m the President of the EYPUK Executive Committee for the 2021/2002 term. I am studying Law at The University of Edinburgh. My role is to facilitate and guide the new board members, to allow them to get the most out of their time on the committee. Additionally I will be working with the Trustees to help guide the charity as a whole, and will be representing EYPUK on an international level.


I am very excited to begin the preparations to take EYPUK out of Covid and back into the normal world, while retaining the valuable lessons learnt last year.

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Ahmad Raza

Member Development

Hey there! My name is Ahmad (he/him) and I'm the Member Development Officer for this term! This means that I'm responsible for maximising member engagement within the charity through various social events and the guidance I offer to members as their first point of contact.


Outside of EYP, I'm currently doing my A-Levels and wish to study law next year! Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the opportunities available for you in EYPUK!

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Jess Donaldson

Regional Forum Coordinator

Hello! My name is Jess Donaldson (she/her) and I am one of the Regional Coordinators for this year. I am so excited to be working with Megan to create the best possible regional sessions this year as well as (hopefully) transitioning back to a physical format! Having been involved with EYP for two years now, I have really found a love for the organisation and I am looking forward to seeing what this year will bring.


Outside of EYP, I am in my first year studying History at Durham University.

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Iona Lindsay


Hello everyone! My name is Iona (she/her) and, along with Katie, I will be working as one of the Communications Coordinators for the 2021/2022 term. This means that I will have the pleasure of taking on various different tasks, including working to update and improve our social media presence, and creating and sourcing the content we post.


I’m very excited to be working in the wonderful organisation that is EYPUK and am delighted to be a part of the organisations further development! Outside of EYP, I am in my first year of studying Law at UCL and love to play hockey.

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Megan Bell

Regional Forum Coordinator

Hi! I’m Megan (she/her) and I’ll be one of the Regional Coordinators working alongside Jess to develop exciting regionals in the coming year. I’m thrilled to be part of the exec committee with such a talented team of individuals and can’t wait to see what we will achieve.


My EYP journey began in 2019 and since then I’ve been lucky enough to meet incredible people and develop new skills, something I have no doubt will continue in the following year. Originally from Northumberland, this year I will be studying Biomedical Sciences in Edinburgh and throwing myself into both Uni and EYP.

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Katie Richards


Hi! My name is Katie Richards and I'm one of the Communications Coordinators (alongside Iona Lindsay) for 2021/22. We will be responsible for EYPUK's social media pages and general communication within the organisation. I started EYP in 2019, and really loved how much it feels like a supportive community when you're involved in it.


Outside of EYP, I am a second year Psychology student at the University of Manchester. This is my first year on the Exec committee, and I'm excited to be in this role and working alongside the talented members of the committee and trustees!

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Emily Cooper


Hi! My name is Emily (she/her), I’m from Edinburgh and the EurVoice coordinator for 2021/22. The aim of EurVoice is to arrange outreach sessions for young people across the UK to share their thoughts and express their opinions. Especially after the pandemic, I believe that giving young people the chance to discuss issues close to their hearts is very important, no matter who you are and what background you’ve come from.


I cannot wait to be further involved with EYP this year and to work with new lovely people! Alongside EYP, I will be studying Geography at the University of Cambridge.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is largely made up of former alumni who have served on the Executive Committee and also individuals who have great expertise in fields ranging from education, the law, politics, accounting and local government. The primary purpose of the Trustees is to be both financially and legally responsible for the charity and to help set the strategic goals and business plan for the future of the organisation. The Trustees go led by the feeling of the Executive Committee and wider members to help ensure that EYPUK is an organisation that is growing in a sustainable manner. 

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Morgan Barnden


My name is Morgan and I am the Chair of the Board of Trustees of European Youth Parliament United Kingdom. We are one of the largest debating charities in the UK, promoting non-formal education and academic debate amongst over a thousand young people across the country each year. I first became involved with EYP back in 2015 and have gone on to represent EYPUK abroad both as a delegate and official, whilst working in various capacities for the National Committee.


My role as Chair is to lead a team of trustees who are financially and legally responsible for the charity, supporting our volunteers and establishing and meeting our long-term strategic goals as a leading youth empowerment charity

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Eleanor Bruce


I’m currently the Treasurer on the Board of Trustees, alongside completing my final year of a History and Politics degree at Cambridge. Being Treasurer means that a lot of my work centres on the finances of EYPUK events, but also a lot of the legal parts that come with being a charity. I first got involved with EYP in 2017, and I feel more than ever that empowering young people to make a difference in their lives and the world they live in is a vital task. I have held many different roles within the organisation since then, from head organising a national session to helping run training sessions at Alumni Weekends. 

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Shona Roberts


Hi everyone! I’m Shona (they/them) and I’m currently studying History and Politics at the University of Reading. Having Head Organised our National Session, last year I am excited to take up this new role as Events Trustee.


My main focus will be on helping to support the organisation of our Flagship Events and our Members Weekend. I’m also continuing my work with the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group with the aim of making our organisation more inclusive. 

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James Testar


Hi, I’m James and I work alongside the two talented Communication Coordinators, Iona and Katie, as the Communications Trustee for EYPUK. Since beginning EYP in 2016, I've been fortunate to be particularly involved with the events management side of the charity, serving as a Trustee for National Sessions. My current remit includes overseeing all of EYPUK's internal and external communications, including our website and social media. 

Outside of EYP I take a keen interest in education, and am currently doing my teacher training (PGCE) in Modern Foreign Languages at the University of Oxford and within partnership schools in Oxfordshire. 


Peter McManus


Hi everyone, my name is Peter and i will be continuing as one of the Vice-Chairs of the Trustees this year, helping out the Chair where I can and also generally supporting the whole Committee in its work. I will maintain a broad portfolio, but in the past have focused on International Governance.  I’ve been involved in EYP for six years, and have participated in many sessions over the years, from regional sessions to international sessions and now even digital sessions. I am looking forward to the year ahead and hope we can start to return to some normality with some in person events and engage a new generation of members who have joined EYPUK during the pandemic. 


I am from Belfast where I am a Junior Doctor and have also completed a Masters Degree abroad in Maastricht, a city  I first visited for an EYP session! 

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Lucy Owen

Member Development

My name is Lucy and I'm the Member Development Trustee for EYPUK. My role is to support the Member Development Exec member in helping anyone who wants to become, or stay, active in the organisation to do so. We send members to sessions abroad, assist with session applications and organise a training weekend to develop the skills of our members and bring them together informally.


I’m looking forward to the year ahead on the Board of Trustees as I complete my masters degree in International Development at the University of Manchester.

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Luke Moynan


Hello, my name is Luke and I am the Regionals Trustee for EYPUK. I support the 2 elected regional coordinators each year, ensuring our regional events run at their usual high standard and helping implement our goals at a regional level. Since 2017 I have undertaken a variety of roles including 2 years on the executive committee, Head Organising our first digital session and work at the international level.


I am looking forward to another exciting and innovative year as well studying for a masters degree at the University of London.  

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Emily Long

Vice-Chair/Welfare Officer

Hi! I’m Emily, I’m 22 and just starting out a combined Master’s/PhD in Experimental Psychology in Oxford. Within EYPUK, I am the Vice-Chair for Safeguarding and Diversity. I am also the National Safe Person. This means that I am the first port of call for any welfare concerns that any of our members or participants may have. I am Designated Safeguarding Officer trained, and have vast experience both when it comes to representing welfare-related policies on the international level and when it comes to leadership both within the National Committee and at individual events.


I am also chairing this year’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, which is a group of members with various marginalised backgrounds who are working to write EYPUK’s first ever Diversity and Inclusion policy. I’m here to make sure everyone is welcome and safe within the EYPUK community and our events, so please reach out to me if you ever have any concerns about any of these things!


Katie Thacker


Hi! I’m Katie (she/her) and I’m the Trustee for EYPUK National Sessions this year, having been involved in EYPUK since 2018 and previously serving as the Alumni (now Member) Development Officer.


I’m from Essex and I’m currently in my final year studying History at the University of Cambridge, where I dabble in rowing, student journalism and feminist campaigning. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about my role or about EYPUK’s national events!

jeff dunn.jpg

Eleanor Ashton-Williams



Hi, I'm Eleanor and I'm the Trustee for EYPUK's inclusion and outreach scheme, EurVoice. EurVoice provides young people from less advantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to develop their communication skills and critical thinking, communicate with local decision-makers and prominent individuals from their area, and learn more about their local, national, and international communities.


I have been involved in EYP since 2017 and, having had so many opportunities and experiences through the charity, I'm excited to support other young people in engaging with the world around them. I am heading into my final year studying ancient and modern history at the University of Oxford.

jeff dunn.jpg

Jeffrey Dunn

Schools Advisor

I have been a trustee of EYPUK since September 2010. Born in Durham, I attended Liverpool and Liverpool Hope Universities. I taught History in a number of secondary schools in Liverpool from 1976 until 2007. In 2000 I helped to set up the Liverpool Schools' Parliament. Since September 2007 I have worked solely on this initiative as its Director. The Parliament enables children and young people in Liverpool to have a voice and to make an impact.


This needs to be supported by improving both the confidence and the ability of students to get across their point of view - something that can be done through involvement with EYPUK.