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"The EurVoice outreach scheme is especially important in widening active participation to include more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Andy Burnham

Mayor of Greater Manchester and Former Secretary of State for Health

EurVoice is a unique community outreach scheme designed to engage 11-18 year olds from across the United Kingdom, launched in 2010. It works by running a number of free and inclusive forums across the UK every year, giving young people the opportunity to discuss issues that affect their local communities


EurVoice Forums consist of discussion workshops run by our volunteers, followed by a ‘Question Time’ style panel discussion involving local politicians and community figures.


In 2015, the EurVoice programme won the European Charlemagne Youth Prize in recognition of its efforts for contributing to the process of European integration. It has also inspired similar outreach schemes for National Committees of the EYP across Europe.

The aims of EurVoice

At the heart of EurVoice is a commitment to social inclusion, equal opportunities and the empowerment of young people from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds. By widening the scope of participation to pupils aged 11-18 and by making its events free to attend, EurVoice is able to extend the work of EYPUK to more young people. The programme promotes the identity that we are all Europeans discussing and deciding upon European issues.


The EurVoice programme also facilitates the development of key academic and personal skills, such as public speaking, the ability to work with others, and critical thinking. As it gives the opportunity for participants to discuss issues that affect their local area and community, EurVoice aims to foster active citizenship - the ability for young people to become interested in and engaged with the world around them. 

If you are interested in getting your school involved in Eurvoice, please email For more general enquiries, and to contact the Eurvoice team, please contact

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