"The EurVoice outreach scheme is especially important in widening active participation to include more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds." - Andy Burnham, MP

EurVoice is a unique community outreach scheme designed to engage 11-18 year olds from across United Kingdom. At the heart of EurVoice is a commitment to social inclusion, equal opportunities and the empowering of young people from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds.


EurVoice works by running free and inclusive sessions across the UK, allowing young people the opportunity to discuss the issues that affect their local community. EurVoice sessions consist of discussion workshops, followed by a 'Question Time' style panel discussion involving local politicians and community figures.


EurVoice aims towards:

  • the creation of a platform for inclusion and the expression of views, which in turn will help develop citizenship, community and the desire for positive change for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds;

  • the development of confidence and the realising of potential in public speaking, teamwork and individual ability;

  • education around local, national and international issues, and the opportunity to become involved in the broader opportunities offered by EYPUK.

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As a branch of the wider European Youth Parliament, the European Youth Parliament United Kingdom (EYPUK) is a politically unbound charity organisation, open to young people aged 14-24. EYPUK works across the country, operating a wide range of events and forums for young people. We take privacy very seriously at EYPUK; click here to find out more.

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